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Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
ditch effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. the house majority leader eric cantor is now telling members to be prepared to work through january 2nd. both sides still far apart, however, on taxes and spending cuts. senate majority leader harry reid says prospects for a deal by monday are still unlikely. there was a lot of movement, motion for not a lot of action. >> where were you yesterday? >> i was here. we were together. >> were we ever with our -- no. but there were duelling senate leaders just -- first mcconnell came on. and he said -- did you see either one of those? >> i did. >> did you see harry reid? >> there's no chance of -- >> but if you think -- i want to rise above. there was so little of anything close to that yesterday other than just the -- i mean, people at home must be like, it's the endless blaming and finger pointing and, you know, when one side says it's all the other side's fault and all the other side comes on and says people at home aren't going, wow, i believe you, harry. or i believe i, mitch. they're saying you're both losers, right? >> right. >> my real concern is this is what the current version of america actually voted for. >> the house is different. all politics is local. harry
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am EST
fiscal cliff, both aides or parties saying a partial patch is the most to be expected before january 1st. the session of the senate set for tomorrow. the house, nothing on its schedule for the week but have been told they could be called back with 48 hours notice. meantime, the white house they already got the notice. they say the president is flying back from vacation from hawaii today. let's take a quick look at u.s. equity features. dow jones looks like it will open up 20 points higher, and s&p 500 over three points. and dow jones, almost 23 points. the new pro business government preparing to assume leadership, the new prime minister shinzo has been putting pressure to raise the inflation target in hopes of extricating the country for two decades of inflation. >> and closed two days for the boxing holiday. >> do due this now? >> i do not do this. >> you justiff them? >> envelopes of cash. envelopes of cash. >> number -- >> a huge step. >> it is actually. >> what do you give to carson, your footmen? >> the footmen. >> what's a footman? >> the footman does my cuff links. speaking of cuff links. >> you wearing cuff l
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
fiscal cliff, they may be able to avoid a different cliff, the dairy cliff. house and senate members appear likely to extend farm legislation for a year, a deal that would keep milk prices skyrocketing in january. we were worried about $6 gallon of milk. it could keep a decades old subsidy from coming back to life. the usda would be forced to buy milk at prices well above what farmers were getting now if the subsidy was revived. it could double the price of moib to $6.12 a gallon. >> markets have been reacting to each move on capitol hill, but obviously, things at this point are looking like the dow would open down by about 7.5 points. the dow is off 67 points and the nasdaq is down 14.75 points. all the surprised given the late hour that -- >> even if something doesn't happen today, it happens in two or three days. >> right. so if you were looking for a market reaction because a lot of the market iraqis we've heard has said, if highways the case, near not getting it base odd what they're going to see this morning. based on where we were on friday after the market closed, the dow at
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
senate to come up with a passable fiscal cliff solution. he's promising to at least consider any bill that the upper chamber produces. senate majority leader harry reid now expected to base any legislation on a bill passed earlier this year to continue tax breaks for households will incomes below $250,000. a senate bill would likely contain an extension of expiring unemployment benefits. and the other big news of the morning, treasury secretary tim geithner unveiling a plan to buy time under the debt ceiling. in a letter to congress, geithner saying that treasury is going to begin taking steps this week to delay hitting the government's 16$16.4 trillion borrowing limit. treasury will take several measures to save that next year to keep the government from reaching the limit for about two months. but geithner warns it is harder to predict how long the delay will last because of all of this ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations making it harder to forecast what revenue and tax spending will be next year. >>> the journal says right here the white house and congressional leaders have shown no signs of progress in the senate or elsewhere. an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4